Niche Fragrances You Should Try this Holiday

This holiday nothing is more important than a great scent when going out with friends and family. There are some great characteristics of a nice cologne/perfume.     

Niche fragrances are usually made with quality ingredients. They are usually worth more than $50 dollars and can go for hundreds of dollars depending on the quality.    These perfumes are made by industry artists who prefer a certain scent. They are unique and have a bold scent which makes them subjective. The manufacturers behind niche perfumes know that the fragrance is not meant for everyone and accept the fact that not everyone will like them.             

An example of Niche perfumes is;     

Le Labo Santal 33   

Le Labo was launched in New York in 2006 and is praised for its unique take on perfumery. Soul is at the heart of all Le Labo fragrances, with the brand believing that hand-formulated scents that evoke memories are the most powerful. Le Labo prides itself on creating perfumes that evoke memories by reworking classic notes into something entirely original. The brand’s simple, chic aesthetic and penchant for masculine notes makes it a favourite with men and women alike. Here we take you through Le Labo’s top 5 perfumes.         

Aqua Universalis   

A fragrance that is quite simply luminous, Aqua Universals is as rejuvenating as a trip to the beach. A becalming fragrance, this effervescent accessory could easily become a favorite signature.

Bergamot is subtly sweet, contrasting beautifully with the sheer, slightly spicy acid of lemon, like salt air infused with dune flowers. Lily-of-the-valley is a soapy, satin-smooth floral that adds aerodynamic body to this subtle scent, an improvement on the protective, clean smell of Coppertone. Sweet mock orange is a tender, plush note into which the sharper, initial aspects of Aqua Universalis nestle and recede.

The light, musky woods that populate the base of Aqua Universalis are invisible yet profound: providing a grid-like structure for this soft, nebulous cloud, the woods sustain the fleeting joys of citrus and ground the lush beauty of white florals, while remaining relatively anonymous in and of themselves.

X for Men Clive Christian   

Unconventional, exotic and harnessing the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs known to mankind.

The commanding and sensual character of this masculine perfume can be attributed to orris – the root of the iris flower – blended with the dry, distinctive accords of cardamon and cinnamon spices.

Designer perfumes    This are the types of perfumes you find in stores. They are not created for a particular group of people which means they are safer. They are usually cheaper and go for around $25-150 dollars per bottle.    The ingredients used in making these fragrances are usually cheap since the returns for the perfumes are usually low. Fragrance samples are sold in stores to help people make the right choice when buying them.   

Sunshine Woman by Amouge

Bright and joyful, Amouage’s exuberant new fragrance shines like a desert metropolis at high noon. Sunshine opens with glowingly youthful top notes of almond, sweet, floral davana and mouthwatering blackcurrant liqueur, igniting the senses and infusing the wearer with passionate energy. The heart of the fragrance reveals a sophisticated floral bouquet- luscious osmanthus, fresh magnolia, rich jasmine, all smoothed together with a warm, light vanilla that enchants us with its playful, yet complex, innocence. A base of wonderfully earthy patchouli, aromatic cade, woody papyrus and savory blond tobacco add richness and longevity without sacrificing an ounce of delightfully airy floral character. Presented in a beautifully iridescent yellow bottle, Sunshine couldn’t be a more appropriate name- this is warm, sophisticated happiness in a fragrance, and we’re honored to be one of the few select retailers on the planet to offer this joyful treasure. Just try

How do I know a fragrance is good? 

1.Buy fragrance samples before spending your money. This is because you don’t want to buy a certain product then find out that they are not exactly how they were advertised.  

2.Don’t let the price fool you. A fragrance might be expensive but not worth the amount. A mixture of expensive, high-quality ingredients does not mean the end product is great. Once again buy samples first.           

In conclusion I can say that the mentioned fragrances were really great. If you’re interested in them then the internet is available just for you. Buy at or any other stores don’t forget to buy samples first.