REAL REASON why Evans is back at Man United 👀 #football

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  1. Feel like some people who are in the comment section going "Maguire such a disrespected player put some respect on Maguire" are also the people who in other parts of YouTube are memeing Maguire as the rival team's best striker.

    For me, I said this before and I'll say it again, he ain't crap but he is in the wrong system, and he could be better leaving the club or even pulling a Trent and have a position change. I find Harry Maguire either as a Sweeper center back or a defensive midfielder switch to be best for him, so that either he doesn't get exposed for his slowness for the former or he gets to have a backup for the latter (I find Harry Maguire like a brick wall, if you try and run into it, you just hurt yourself)

  2. There is A lot of sympathy toward Maguire….why? He was solkjaer player…and he proved he couldn't played under ten haag, and with his high wage it was just logical to push him out, harsh and ruthless? Ofcoz! This is business…

  3. I hope maguire does leave it'll be better for him, sometimes I feel like he doesn't care about united and he really just has all his potential dormant He's done a lot in his early seasons at the club and has made some decent plays, the disrespect he gets is crazy

  4. Hopefully he leaves after this he needs to get the hint he’s not wanted even a 35 year old Jonny evans plays for Man Utd better than maguire just leave maguire your not wanted I’m getting fed up if you trying to stay and training hard because you think if you do ten hag will keep you your not in our plans go back to Leicester

  5. Me have fe 😂😂😂… The best bit of news I’ve heard regarding The Great Manchester United… Jonny Evans returning…💯…He should have never been allowed to leave in the first place…