A Live 2023 Fantasy Football Mock Draft !

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13 comentarios en «A Live 2023 Fantasy Football Mock Draft !»

  1. It's great hearing how many times you guys get pick 1 or pick 2. I've done 21 drafts on underdog. Brand new to the platform. I have zero Chase. Because I have never picked at spot 2! 21 drafts and zero exposure to chase. I've gotten pick 1 maybe twice. Dodd over here picks at 1 constantly. Feels great lemme tell ya

  2. ive actually seen chase go 1.01 in every draft (post nfl draft) that ive had the 1.01 ;). thought process is simple (although i blame nobody for JJ 1.01). Chase has no added target competition unless you count replacing Hurst with Irv Smith as more competition whereas JJ will be competing with Hock in his prime another year familiar with the offense + Addison in the draft. combine the added target competition in minnesota to the fact that Chase is catching passes from Burrow and JJ is catching passes from Cousins, i think ill take the elite receiver catching passes from Burrow.

  3. In a 12 man redraft on ESPN, 3 wr, is it still best to go for the top wr’s in round 1 and/or 2 instead of rb, even with receivers like olave, for example, going in the 4th round, way under their underdog adp?

  4. Hey Mason love your content your my favorite fantasy football YouTuber. I had a puppy draft earlier my I drafted 4 rbs in eckler Taylor Jacobs and etine two te one was kelce two qbs and 10 wrs what u think?