Chelsea FOLLOWING Rayan Cherki | Chelsea NOT Actively Seeking Vlahovic | Chelsea Home Kit INTRODUCED


Chelsea FOLLOWING Rayan Cherki | Chelsea NOT Actively Seeking Vlahovic | Chelsea Home Kit INTRODUCED

🚨 “Chelsea will be following Rayan Cherki. I would say he’s one of the best talents in the world. It’s normal for top clubs to follow him.”

“At the moment, I’m not aware of any direct contact yet between the two clubs. I think Chelsea are still waiting for the Moises Caicedo deal to see how much they will spend on him before deciding on this second investment in that position.”


(@FabrizioRomano via @GiveMeSport)

🚨 If Juventus receive an important bid for Dušan Vlahović, they will open negotiations to sell.

He has always been appreciated by some on the board at Chelsea, but there is no bid or negotiation at the moment.

Let’s see, but Chelsea is NOT actively working on this deal.


(@FabrizioRomano via Youtube)

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27 comentarios en «Chelsea FOLLOWING Rayan Cherki | Chelsea NOT Actively Seeking Vlahovic | Chelsea Home Kit INTRODUCED»

  1. Chelsea not going to be in trouble if we sign Caisedo for £100 or £200 millions, as far as he is going to perform and will be magical player like Kante was. But if he fail we will be in trouble even for £80.. My understanding, our biggest problem is not adding those £40 or £50 milion to clubs revenue by shirt front sponsor. We are loosing everyday and i think it is biggest problem for the board and owners.

  2. Paramount wasnt approved because in the usa, paramount is the serie a broadcast partner. Whereas peacock (nbc) is the premier league partner. So it doesnt make sense for a team to have paramount because they cover the serie a over here in the states. Hopefully you see this comment because youve been saying you dont know why it was denied for awhile now

  3. Lol! This plastic club can’t be original or innovative in any part of its business 😂

    Chelsea basically selling kits left over from 1990 at inflated prices and the plastic Chelsea numpties are lapping it up.

    Dinosaurs!! 😂

  4. Lol! You couldn’t script this! Look at the numpty Chelsea fan posting “Paul Winstanley is a mid table sporting director” 😂😂😂
    Firstly… He’s not, but most importantly… CHELSEA ARE A BOTTOM HALF CLUB!!! 😂
    And I’m 100% convinced this joker gets paid by Chelsea to talk this bollocks.
    Brighton are simply trying to NOT sell caicedo, that’s the basic fact, they don’t need or want to sell caicedo, but seriously, if Chelsea come in again, like they always do, with a really stupid offer, paid up front, because Brighton always insist on that. Then they will sell, because they’re already covered for him and MacAllister, but they don’t need dirty Chelsea blood money, and they would rather keep Caicedo… and if Chelsea don’t (or more realistically can’t) meet the number, then look forward to Caicedo playing against Chelsea in 12 days time.

  5. Caicedo is not even worth 70mil. He had ONE(!) good season. If we go up to 100mil we could went the extra mile and gone for Rice. 100mil for caicedo or like 115mil for Rice. I would prefer for sure the later. I dont understand the hype around caicedo tbh. We lack some decent/good senior players. All we got left is Kepa, Sterling, Thiago Silva and to some extent Chilli and Reece. IMO we need at least one senior/experienced midfielder.

  6. In the off chance we dont get Caicedo, what do you guys think of Sangare? That guy is a physical beast. Could come with a much lower fee too.
    If we are ready to blow 100 million, can we just get Harry Kane first? Then we look for a more financial friendly option in DM

  7. Are you getting scared now??? I said it before and I will repeat it again.
    Chelsea won't get caicedo, it will be hijacked, then your eyes will be cleared…. since May-July caicedo caicedo caicedo as if Chelsea are he's agent or father…. am a Chelsea fan