Chelsea Want MARC GUEHI? | Mahrez To Al-Ahli As Gvardiol To Join Man City! | Glazers NOT Selling?

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Welcome to the Younes Talks Football channel! The channel where I discuss all things football (slight bias towards Chelsea) with 100% rawness and honesty! I say it like it is so you know what you’re getting with me! This is the place to have fun, bring positive vibes and discuss football from a new perspective. Welcome on board this journey…

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42 respuestas a «Chelsea Want MARC GUEHI? | Mahrez To Al-Ahli As Gvardiol To Join Man City! | Glazers NOT Selling?»

  1. No one is talking again after Liverpool, Mancity and other players form these clubs are geting money from Saudi.

  2. Let’s monitor how is bashir Humphrey doing during this pre season, the guy so composes and comfortable on the ball , very confident and has a huge potential

  3. Chelsea whay no bid Rayan cherki? Mancity wanted rayan cherki

  4. I would really love Poch to keep this youngsters
    Casadei looked phenomenal, Matsen, Angelo
    I believe Poch can turn into quality players

  5. I would entertain the idea of selling Broja and getting Mitrovich for a lower fee but not as our main striker, just to compete with Jackson. I don't trust in Broja and I think he is too injury prone that is what concerns me the most with him. Mitrovich reminds me a lot of the way we Giroud used play and we could use him especially against low blocks teams and I am sure he would score 10 – 15 goals this season. I think Jackson and Mitrovich would give us better depth and more confidence. As far as Ghuehi, I think for £50M we could get better options, maybe even for less. I would not bring a top Defender this season because we still have Thiago and hopes that Colwill as a great prospect, but I would still sign a CB just because we can't really rely 100% on Chalobah. Why not try to hijack Tabsoba who's been linked with Spurs for £30M instead? One last question… What will happen first? Man United New ownership Takeover or Caicedo to Chelsea??? 🤡😂🤡😂

  6. I say no to Mitrovich. He can go straight to Saudi.

  7. I think It's a right decision to sign another defender, coz we really don't hev a well trusted medical stuff so we might find ourselves in mud with all the injuries we always experience in this Team.

  8. Younes my man, just addicted to your vids, my day is incomplete without watching you as you always smash it

  9. why do you hate ghallagher so much bro?

  10. Hi Mate, I have been following you almost 10 years, myself Seigougin Kholhou from Kuki community Manipur India. My appeal to you is please kindly address the situation of Manipur, let the truth prevails and justice to Manipur.

  11. He needs 650k subscribers!

  12. I am interested in the SAUDI DIVISION 3, I am a footballer I am a midfielder who can play as a DM, CM, and AM. Please need your help to achieve this.
    Thanks looking forward to your reply

  13. I'm interesting how can register the Saudi Arabia

  14. I still feel we need more physical presence, aerially we were so poor

  15. I want Connor to stay

  16. Chelsea have had enough young players already
    Time to get in a few experience lads and call off transfer business

  17. Man’s telling Brighton F you

  18. Silva is very old and won’t stay for long so we need a physical, tall and balanced RCB because I don’t count on Wesley Fofana

  19. 19 Ligue1 goals & 6 assists at 20yrs!!, that is hugely impressive. Osimhen at 20 scored less at lille

  20. Who else noticed poch not smiling?
    This dude ain't joking😂

  21. Chalobah is great. No need for a replacement for Fofana.

  22. What I liked about our 5nil win v Wrexham our movement and fitness level was on a different level to tuchel and the midfield was more flexible and fluent than jorge and kova. Too stagnant.

  23. Saudi league is going to be fantastic younes players going there and it's just the start

  24. I dont think signing a cb or striker is priority personally 2 centre midfielder's and see how it goes as we only have 3 competitions to play this season.

  25. Younes will be a great coach in Saudi.

  26. I don't think Chelsea should get Marc from palace stick with what we got at moment then see how it goes then look in January

  27. Saudi have made boxing so much worse

  28. I don't think so we should leave it for the time being

  29. I think we should go with Jackson nkunku brojah till January and assess after that

  30. Casadei was UNBELIEVABLE…..we should just keep this boy…he looks so matured in the pitch 💙

  31. At list he nows what he wants from the players he doesn't leave the players on the pitch like Potter and do want you want to do

  32. I think we should trust chaloba until January and see where we are

  33. We need goals and Mitrovic has goals.. it would definitely buy us time to go out there and look for a striker or develop the likes of Jackson to a high level without pressure..

  34. It will be the most chelsea thing for the twitter admin to go "Good to see you" after we get him😅 6:39

  35. Guehi is left footed it won’t happen sorry

  36. Guehi is left footed it won’t happen sorry

  37. Chelsea should Get Disasi if we need a CB

  38. It would be the most Chelsea thing ever to sell an academy product for peanuts only to buy them back at 10x the price. Let's not forget that we sold these players for a reason.

  39. I reckon 50 mil is too steap for guehi.
    We should try for Bremer or marqinos if possible or ride out till January if an injury occurs.

  40. I think we need to go get Marc Ghehi, he is good and strong and will compliment the back line

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