Could Dusan Vlahovic be the key to Romelu Lukaku returning to Inter full time? | ESPN FC

Nicky Bandini joins ESPN FC to discuss if Romelu Lukaku will either play for Chelsea or Inter Milan next season and if Juventus’ Dusan Vlahovic could be the key to what happens.

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12 comentarios en «Could Dusan Vlahovic be the key to Romelu Lukaku returning to Inter full time? | ESPN FC»

  1. Only sensible option for Vlahovic is Arsenal. Arteta is a manager that can develop him. He strengthens us and the team and system will facilitate him to score goals. Every other option for him is a gamble. The problem is he may have already burnt bridges. I hope it can happen, we'd have to sell some players first but Vlahovic and another DM on top of keeping Partey and Arsenal imo are strong favourites for the league next season. The positions that cost us last season was striker, no Depth in the DM role and CB. We've addressed CB. Those are the last two to fix.

  2. Romelu Lukaku only wants Inter Milan and somehow if they want to sign him permanently, Inter Milan need to take his fulltime wages for real and the only way Romelu Lukaku goes to Inter Milan is another loan. If Chelsea end up signing Dusan Vlahovic or another striker, they'll do everything in their power to sell him on a permanent basis to Inter Milan or any other club. Whether he plays for Chelsea next season, that's not a discussion, 12 months ago regardless of ownership, manager whoever, he has no business at the club, no future there and he'll never play for Chelsea ever again he shouldn't, fans don't want him back and Mauricio Pochettino doesn't want to upset the dressing room and keep an unhappy player who doesn't want to be at the club and in this transitional period with lots of young talent, keeping a mercenary it's not a good look on this Chelsea team and it impacts them in so many negative ways having a mercenary in your team.