Dusan Vlahovic – Welcome to Chelsea? 2023 – Best Skills & Goals | HD


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27 respuestas a «Dusan Vlahovic – Welcome to Chelsea? 2023 – Best Skills & Goals | HD»

  1. Dusan isn’t for sale BUT if important bit is offered he will be consider !!! You have $90 million you will get dusan if not he has a contract till 2026 …
    He had a bad season last year and most of the time was Injured but he managed to score more goals than 3 Chelsea strikers combined

  2. If this is actually his best YouTube clip then he’s nothing but a flop

  3. Good player but i dont see what the hype is all about. for 60mil he's not a spectacular update on our existing attack. Better spend that money smartly. Trust broja and jackson ahead of Sterling–Nkuku–Maduake. Or loan out broja, sell lakaka and buy osimen. We need a proper num 9.

  4. yeah, kolo muani is definitely better lmao.

  5. I am not sold on Vlahovic, straight to the keeper too many times. Amando Broja can do all this plus more….. Kolo Mauni is a much more complete striker and will suit our play.

  6. I'd rather sign Beto ( Udinese) he is a better player than vlahovic..

  7. There's nothing interesting about this guy don't understand his game even a little can't even take defender on 1v1 with a disgusting body

  8. Jesus another Morata

  9. For his height, he is very agile!

  10. Don’t go to Chelsea please come to man united

  11. basing on this video he is not good

  12. He's just like Havertz… better take Wegner back

  13. I don't enjoy what i watched, I'm not sure he's good enough

  14. Pls no , average in speed , finishing & dribbling

  15. Understand Dusan Vlahović could leave Juve — but only for an important bid 🇷🇸

    🔴🔵 He’s one of four strikers being considered by PSG.

    Chelsea are currently not negotiating for Vlahović despite reports.

    Chelsea & Bayern appreciate Dusan but haven’t opened talks as things stand.

  16. Scuse me, but where are the actual goals? We have ten players who can trundle around like this guy but can't score. Waste of money.

  17. Oh God I'm crying for this guy he's the perfect guy for us

  18. To be very honest, I don't see why Chelsea should be targeting Vlahovic after signing Christopher Nkuku, David Datro Fofana and Nicolas Jackson….. We should rather sell Lukaku to Inter Milan for £40million and sign Gabri Veiga or Mohammed Kudus…. I am also hoping and praying Chelsea wrap up Moises Caicedo and Matheus Franca deals soon

  19. Not good enough! Awful link up play and has no shot in him, falls down too easily and will get bodied in the premier league. Chelsea just never learn! Give N.Jackson a chance and consider a new striker in January or summer. Booster the midfield with Calceido,Amrabat,dybala and see what happens. This will frustrate chelsea fans as much as it did with morata. All I see is penalty goals and a few tap ins. Unconvinced ❌

  20. If Vlahovic wasn’t under allegri ppl would be all over this man. Fans in the comments are absolutely dreadful, saying he’s bang average when this guy scored double the goals of our top scorer this season. All the ppl in the chat want an osimhen, but tbh Vlahovic all round game is better.

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