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The 16 teams of the 1st Division of Chilean football have special details to make this league much more enjoyable in PES 2019! Lotus Championship First B for PES 2019 of PS4 of Editemos PES Community! This is a Competition Kit Server (Sider Module) to be able to have specific kits/fonts for every competition automatically switched. NOTE:3 This is an AIO Pack..uninstall any previous boot packs to avoid conflicts. NOTE:4 My/Our Packs are compatible with all patches..If you use Switchers & have problems with any packs ask the makers of the switchers not me..I take no responsibility for switchers/modules that I have not made. To allow packs like chant pack work correctly. I’ve looked them all up, some teams are just not using this Armband in real life, like Atletico, equipacion bayern it’s realistic like that. Some teams doesn’t have the Respect Armband! All leagues have 100% badges, kits, coaches, stadiums and sponsors. Added the uniforms to all the national game. Jupiler League 3F SuperLeague Premier League SKY BET Championship Ligue 1 Ligue 2 Serie A Serie B Eredivisie Liga NOS Think Off Russian Premier League Scottish Premiership LaLiga Santander LaLiga Smartbank Raiffeisen Super League Super Lig Bundesligue Others Europe ( Other European Teams by palermo1410 and Zlatan 07 ) Others Europe ( Emerson Pereira equipas e eu completei com os sponsors e estádios do palermo1410 and Zlatan 07) Liga Argentina Brasileirão A Brasileirão B AFP PlanVital Liga BetPlay MLS- Major League Soccer Others Latin american (25 teams to 100%) CFA Super League Toyota Thai League AFC Champion League (32 teams to 100% badges, kits, coaches, stadiums, sponsors, and rivals) Meiji Yasuda J1 League Others Asian teams, 2 teams to 100% badges, kits, coaches, stadiums, sponsors, and rivals) National teams, kits, coaches, stadiums, and sponsors.

This OF of the 1st Ecuadorian Soccer Division has the presence of the 16 teams. FA Cup kits for all English Teams and Community Shield kits (added in 3.0) An alternate only Konami licensed Version which should bascially be possible to use with every patch or no patch and only includes original licensed teams (IF the patch hasn’t messed around with the Konami teams) Manual Selection of selected CompKits including Overlay Previews especially for Exhibition (added in 3.0) Automatic selection of league-mode CompKits in exhibition mode if both teams belong to the same league (if you want to add league specific kits – not included) – Common Library 1.1 required (added in 3.0) I strongly recommend to use this with the PTE Patch, the Addon is dedicated to this Patch. It’s actually not really needed to use manual selection in league mode, automatic map assignments should be used. For Exhibition the newly introduced dummy badge will remove the badge if manual kits are selected. Real Squads Real Logos for all Liga Pro Ecuador clubs ! Renamed all the coaches changed during the year by the teams. Manually import all the stadium images and then import all the teams.

Create all the teams in the Other Asia (real players, settings and logos, uniforms not present for the space). Classic Option File for PES 2019 PS4 game. ↑ Redacción (23 de mayo de 2019). «Jorge Fernandes aguarda por oportunidade no FC Porto». ↑ «Heroico triunfo de la mejor España ante Yugoslavia». ↑ «La tranquilidad condujo a España al triunfo». ↑ «Chipre también entra en la Historia de España». ↑ «España defrauda en su estreno». El Villarreal CF retoma la actividad cuando los jóvenes del Club Atlético Foghetecaz (equipo creado en 1940) rescatan de la Federación los papeles del inactivo pero -hasta entonces- vigente C.D. Tras superar dichas pruebas, ingresó en el primer equipo de benjamines del club manchego. Al principio el equipo no forma parte de la organización del fútbol italiano FIGC y solo dos años después, en 1931, juega su primer partido oficial contra el Domegliara. El partido tuvo lugar y el Bayern derrotó al hasta ahora cinco veces campeón alemán, el Núremberg con un 2:0. Los goles fueron anotados por Oskar y Hans Welker.