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  1. I can't wait until Wednesday, i want this Kane debacle sorted and by Friday i want to see either Tapsoba or VDV through that door, Postecoglu can talk the talk but i want to see action on the pitch and in the transfer window, with Levy at the helm I'm not getting excited whatsoever been here before.

  2. All to familiar ring to it this transfer window so apparantly our number 1 choice tapsoda and number 2 choice milcky van de ven still nowhere near to signing we will end up with leglet and maguire watch this space thanks levy u fucking bald twat

  3. This Club! My goodness. We have the massively positive “feel good” of the new gaffer and the sniff that that may actually be a philosophy and methodology to what Spurs will be doing now. BRILLIANT!

    BUT, and there’s always a “but” with Spurs, we STILL do not have any new CBs at the club. Christ alive, just go and get your top target over the line. Do not undermine another manager before we even start their reign in anger.


  4. Its mad that YouTubers have mics and can be clearly heard yet Tottenham Hotspur f c can't afford a mic in the press conference for the press …i heard Ange loud and clearly but didnt hear 1 question asked to him 😞 sorry for rant and thanks Savva for all your spurs content 👍 much love and COYS 🐓💙

  5. Whoever actually believes that the Vlahovic links have any truth to them is a grade A idiot. Even if Kane leaves, we’re it buying a starting striker. The club payed 60m for Richarlison, he’ll be given the nod 100%. If Savva wants to be a serious creator he needs to stop reporting on all these bs rumours with zero credibility or logic, he’s been doing this for a month. Some moronic ItK comes up with something they pull out their stomach and sure enough,
    It’s in Savvas next video’s title and thumbnail.

  6. I enjoyed his pressor. I think he is well spoken, honest and wants to concentrate on the right things, building a long term vision which we've been missing for ages. I just hope Levy doesn't torpedo his chances before he even gets going like he's done for countless other managers. My growing optimism at this managers appointment is rapidly being eroded by our usual faffing around with getting our defence sorted. Come on Levy, we've only had this defensive issue for 4 years, pull your finger out FFS!

  7. We won’t be signing any one decent , levy already spent more than he’s comfortable with . From now till end of window we we be linked with everyone and their mum but ultimately sign no one apart from Lenglet

  8. Hi Savva. Spurs banging on the door they aren’t even tapping on it. The only bid for Vlahovic will be one of goodbye.Levy is like Nero twiddling his thumbs whilst any transfer dealings burns. I’ll only believe any signings when they arrive through the Tottenham Hotspur door. Pointless in building any hopes up only to be dashed by Levy and Enic. COYS.

  9. Loved what Ange had to say and really enjoyed your video. Many thanks. I agree that there's no way Vlahovic is coming here unless Harry is on his way. Personally I'm hoping that Ange has the midas touch and gets Harry to stay another year with a view to getting him to commit longer.

  10. Ange came across well in his first press conference. You'd hope any new managers 1st would lol. The only thing that was slightly annoying is how he takes a deep breathe after every point he makes. Maybe the mics were to close?

    The point he made about Ndombele possibly not being part of the squad because he may decide he wants to go. Does that apply to Kane, any other players we dont want around? Or is Kane forced to stay because hes the best player?

    On Vlahovic, assuming he wants to join Spurs (not sure why he would over Chelsea or United) would that be the best use of funds? We cannot even get our top CB options over the line. I'd prefer we build from the back. We're not in Europe, expectations are low. Surely you give Richarlison a season to prove hes worth the £60m we spent? If hes not doing it, try Son up top. We cannot go into next season with Dier alongside Romero. Davies and Sanchez the backups.

  11. Ange comes over as extremely confident and positive about his abilities and what he can bring to this club. My concern is that he is hamstrung by Daniel Levy and his faffing about in the market place. I cannot imagination his frustration at the moment because he wanted the majority of his new squad on the plane to Perth and it looks like that is not going to happen. My original enthusiasm is now, yet again, slowly turning into a sad realisation that nothing has changed at all except the name on the Manager's door.