Shedeur vs Cormani: Coach Prime Announces That He Will Miss PAC 12 Media Day

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  2. 7:29 You know in stellar programs I've been involved in, a big difference I notice between lower level and higher level is the lack of needing to constantly shout at your personnell. At a lower level you basically have to, because they're not going to motivate themselves. Lower levels just don't have the natural inclination to push forward and so have to be pushed constantly.

    At a higher level closer to the pros, maximal effort is a given on every opportunity automatically – and it's not rewarded, it's expected. If you don't give maximum effort like everyone else you get shown up immediately (and actually it's the team members that call you out on it rather than the coaches) but in higher level groups it's never even a question because a high level talent who motivates themselves harder than what is expected can be relied on to be a game changer.

    Travis Hunter and Jimmy Horn are two examples – and I have to also include Cormani (he is spewing every practice because he doesn't care how hard he has to work to catch up, he's just going to do it regardless) that pristine approach to professionalism, where they are committed to 100% being ahead of the game, and expect it from themselves to lead, is what more of the team is starting to do. To me this lets the coaches be less focused on discipline and more focused on the final 10%, the "art" of football, or the more creative part of the game, and unleashing the higher levels from their players that you can only execute if the players have fully taken care of that other 90% of effort.

  3. Coach Prime Sir, you are in God's hands and you'll be what and where God alone says and said. We love and respect you Sir. You've done an amazing thing and I'm happy for you, the team, the staff and everyone involved. God bless you brother. We love you!