This is why Bayern Munich Dušan Vlahović!

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35 comentarios en «This is why Bayern Munich Dušan Vlahović!»

  1. This is why….grammar is important and any news from whoever is pure speculation at this point. But it passes the time, I guess. Or how else would you know what Ulli Hoeneß' and K-H Rummenige's plans are? Got a crystal ball, do you? I predict that after this "360" you will soon be doing a "180".

  2. Bayern want him???
    To replace who exactly, not that Dusan isn't good it's just who does Bayern want to replace? Maybe a few people who are turning old may go, and I think we should do just that. Focus on making a squad of new and young talent that are hungry to prove themselves

  3. Il problema non è lui ma chi lo allena.
    Se dovessimo cambiare l'allenatore Dusan tornerebbe il fuoriclasse che tutti conosciamo!
    Dusan presente e passato della mia Juventus❤️🤍🖤