ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP: Big Ten Football Edition | Bigger Ten #133

Steve and Aaron pick where they want to be and which teams they want to see for each week of the football season.

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  1. Idk man- when Chris fowler is on his calls give me chills. But he’s had a couple games like the OSU/GA playoff game where he was just off. Gus is fun to listen to with his enthusiasm, but at their best I’d take Fowler. But give me Klatt over Herby

  2. GUS is the WORST! He is that Old Cringe Uncle that Tries WAY too hard for all the kiddos to like him and he is corny and asks Joel the most basic lame questions but I get why but they are too dumb, even Joel always pauses for 3-5 seconds like, why ask me that? The people at home know why?! so Gus is a joke, we like him cause of his heart. Ever went to church, and the worship minster was brutal! but the guy was so in love with the Lord, and he genuinely cares, so ya, you can't not like that dude, but give him props or think he is one of the better ones at that position? NO! LOL as for Keith Jackson, Whooooaaaa Nellie! Today looks to be another barn burner, welcome to college football, here in ANN ARBOR MIIIICHIGAN, HELLO I am Keith Jackson and the gentleman to my right is XXXXXXXX etc. He was the best by far! Miss him too, like a Grandpa on Saturdays at noon or 3:30pm. 🙁
    Go Blue!

  3. I can't stand herbie and fowler. I'm a fan of joel and gus, but even as a mich fan my favorite is still nessler and danielson. CBS has always had really good commentating for their games.

  4. I do get annoyed everytime I hear Gus Johnson call them “The…World Famous” Ohio State Buckeyes, but he is by no means biased in his calls. He is loud and proud when any big play happens by any team. Him and Joel are a fantastic duo. If FOX did a lot of big night games, I’d want them calling all my favorites.

    And to be honest, Fowler and Herbstreit were kind of dull for me last year. I have a feeling that was a lot to do with Kirk taking on Thursday night NFL on the side and him being exhausted as a result.

  5. Big ten football is gonna be exciting this season, especially if wisconsin and nebraska step it up. Would love to see the west be a last minute decision in each of the games week 13. A four way race of Illinois, wisconsin, Iowa, and nebraska would be terrific.

    Keep northwestern in as a bta but kick them out of football. Bring in notre dame, fsu, and miami.