Update on Juventus’ 10-point deduction & Chelsea’s offer for Dusan Vlahovic | ESPN FC

Gabriele Marcotti joins the ESPN FC crew to give an update on Juventus being handed a 10-point deduction in a new ruling by an Italian court investigating the club’s transfer dealings and what it means for Serie A standings and Champions League qualification before analysing Chelsea’s €80 million offer for Dusan Vlahovic.

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42 comentarios en «Update on Juventus’ 10-point deduction & Chelsea’s offer for Dusan Vlahovic | ESPN FC»

  1. Juve are guilty and should’ve accepted their 15 pt deduction instead of playing games think their appeal would push this deduction to next season. Mou should stop with the excuses.

  2. Chelsea is still struggling to trim their squad and yet they want to add more players? Wow this is literally a clown show they will also have so many loan players returning and now they have a prospect of having an Albanian and Serbian striker on the same team yeah definitely there’s no problem there. What they need next is perhaps to add a Russian player into that team as they already have a Ukrainian then the show can officially begun😂

  3. Usual Gab anti-juventino Marcotti. Someone is yet to explain what Juve did wrong. If Juve get a -10 for capital gains then Napoli should get a 20 point penalty for the Osimhen deal. Article 4, Sporting Integrity, what a shame. The Sporting Justice operates outside of the law.

  4. Well in the UK we all know about the m city situation with ffp but what I would say is this Juventus situation has clearly been handled too quickly by the looks of it they deduct them 15 points then they give them the points back so you would presume at that point they are completely innocent and now they deduct them ten points it doesn't make sense if they are innocent why did they deduct any points in the first place then?🤣 you have to make the correct decision and stick to it you can't keep changing the goalposts I really don't understand how this situation has been so badly handled by serie a personally?🤣

  5. We should be rational about how juve's points deduction affected the rest of serie a teams , now all serie a coaches have this as an excuse and all went to say the same thing as mourinho said about team rotation and playing for top 4 ..
    but the reality of facts is that all italian teams engaged to european duties this season had to make sacrifices
    domesticaly except the champions napoli , the rule was simple you can't have the better of both worlds , it's neither to play at full capacity in the league or get tempted by unkown desitny will you get out from european cups and lose spots in the table parallaly,
    and that's what exactly sarri's lazio did to secure second spot synounoums to champions league football next year by snubbing european games.
    top serie a teams this year were deciptful due to their drop in performances in the league and UCL finalist inter 3rd in serie a now , 2 points behind second place , is perfect archetype of this domestic failure with its 12 league defeats from 36 games ,in other words 1 defeat to each 3 games played .
    so italian teams this time has to blame themselves before anything else.

  6. One can only hope that Chelsea's heirarchy looks carefully at the prospect of having a Serbian striker and an Albianian striker in the same team. Otherwise, more stupidity on the horizon.

  7. Is it good for any top footballer to play in a weakening Bundesliga?
    At the moment Bayern are going backwards and Dortmund are about to lose their best player.
    The only Bundesliga footballers that top teams like Real or City would want are Bellingham and Alphonso Davies.
    All of the better strikers can demand top wages. Vlahovic is still young enough to be able to improve.
    Where can Juve find better? Aren't Juve going to change their manager? I'd be surprised if they sell him.

  8. Vlavhic will drive the team bus of Chelsea. That's the only place where he will have room. But in all seriousness only idiots will choose to play for Chelsea. Maybe some of the relegated players will want to play for Chelsea

  9. Jose Mourinho is always right. But look at Lebeouf's facial expression, he wants to disagree because he hates anything from Mourinho. Even the dumb knows this is true. ESPN is anti-Mourinho. Only Gab tries to manage it well.

  10. Romano already said it’s bogus and Chelsea didn’t make any bid or even inquiry. Juve or His agent is obviously testing the waters. It may have now prompted man united to become interested, lol