Why Pochettino Wants Dusan Vlahovic

Hello guys, welcome back to a brand new video on the channel. I hope you are all doing well. Today’s video is a deep dive into the career and play style of the Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic.

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23 comentarios en «Why Pochettino Wants Dusan Vlahovic»

  1. I wanted to bring to your attention some observations regarding your potential bias on Chelsea and its potential signings. After watching this video, as well as Chelsea's rebuild, it has become apparent that there are instances of bias present.

    Evidence of bias

    1. 6:05 – Comparing Vlahovic to Haaland. Vlahovic is averaging 0.56G+A Per 90' in the league compared to Haalands' 1.42G+A Per 90'. Haaland misses more big chances because he creates more.

    2. 7:17 – Blaming Juventus and Allegri also doesn't make tons of sense, as in 21/22 he had his best boals and assists per 90 – 0.83G+A Per 90'

    It becomes clear that, unfortunately, your biases influence your thought process and may lead to skewed or inaccurate conclusions. This becomes evident in the large logical leaps and false equivalences I pointed out earlier.

    It is essential to address this bias as it undermines the objectivity and fairness required in discussions on football transfers. I believe it is important to engage in respectful discussions that encourage critical thinking and self-reflection. By bringing attention to these instances of bias, we can foster a more inclusive and intellectually honest discourse.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, I'm only taking all this time to share how i feel about the video because i love the quality and format of your videos, and want you to be as successful as possible!

  2. I think Vlahovic is good, but his over performance at Fiorentina and now drop in levels concern me. To me Kolo Muani would be my first option, considering Osimhen’s fee will probably be too much, or Jonathan David from Lille might be a great option that could cost less. Also not sure about Neymar, who is supremely talented but injuries, wages, and probably not a great relationship with Poch would concern me. But great video hope you keep up it up!

  3. Honestly I would prefer Vlahovic over Osimhen. His physical but agile style of play just seems so much better suited for Chelsea and Pochettino, and I can absolutely imagine a good partnership happening between him and Enzo.

    Plus he is considerably cheaper. Vlahovic is going to be, what, 80 million? That's a bit over half the price for Osimhen. And he's younger. I genuinely do think he is the best option out of the ones available: Kane will likely not want to go to Chelsea, Osimhen is prohibitively expensive, Hojlund is inexperienced, Martinez is inconsistent. Vlahovic has none of those weaknesses, and allows the club to go expensive for other options in need like midfielders and goalkeepers.