Dušan Vlahović is Actually Excellent in Juve!

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50 comentarios en «Dušan Vlahović is Actually Excellent in Juve!»

  1. He should definitely go to Arsenal at the end of the season. I can't even imagine what Arteta can do underneath!!

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  2. I actually think allegri is ruining him….i cant defend him…juve has some great players its clear as a day….but the performances are not at their level…the style is killing them… chiesa vlahovic and more

  3. What a bad decision it was to come to juve especially under allegri… just like the Felix transfer to Atletico, right player for the wrong club. Luckily he's young and can get back on track if he leaves in the summer, I have no clue what made him not leave in winter when he had the opportunity. I watched his recent games, not the same player, even for the national team he looks like the same player from his viola days. Hope he learns and sacks his agent for this and gets a decent one who can find him a better club.

  4. next striker for Bayern. his the perfect number 9 as for there system.
    it would be good for all parties. and maybe do a swap with mane,
    as i think mane would fit a counter attacking team like juve more then vlahovic do as his more of a traditional number 9/target man.