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Bobby Burton and Eric Nahlin discuss the importance of positional depth, which position is lacking depth, the secondary rotation and more on this week’s State of the Program!

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  1. I don’t think cross training is the best solution. But I get it if you don’t feel like no one can get it done. I’ve heard the Louisiana Freshman and Roberson are looking nice, if Allen or Crawford can’t get it done why not give the young bucks a look

  2. J. Thompson needs to be pressured by a more talented safety like majors gets at center this year from Hutson. Nickel will be fine, corner is going to be brooks and watts. Gulibeau will start next year after barron. Williams steps up after Catalon and we’ll see what shakes after that. The secondary is loaded.

  3. You know what I really appreciate about On Texas Football and Inside Texas? Lots of meaningful, updated content at a frequency that kills the competition! I can always count on OTF and IT to keep me well-informed with interesting pieces, way more than other similar sites who seem to just copy one another's material.

  4. I think a lot of players will get playing time unless the young guys just can’t keep up. If culture is where it’s at and as highly touted as these guys were they will be semi ready as the fall camp and season goes on. Also to get guys ready for the SEC too. I honestly don’t think it will hurt them much bc it’s easily the best D with talent and depth since 2017 and that group was dominate

  5. I think BJ Allen/Austin Jordan would be fine to step in, I think Watts is a natural corner and will impact more at that position than at Safety, if they aren’t working him into that position in my mind it’s too late to make that switch to be effective or dependable. Some of these young guys at the position if deserved should get a chance.

  6. I love the State of the Program show. I don't mean to be right fighter here, but Coach Sark said last week they like Anthony Hill's ability to rush the passer from the linebacker position. I doubt they would line him up at linebacker just to only have him rush the passer. I could be overhyping Hill, but when I watch the spring game, he looked like an every down linebacker IMO.

  7. 1. I think Kelvin Banks is the best NFL prospect and the most valuable Longhorn on the current roster.
    2. I think Ja'Tavion Sanders is the best football player on the current roster.
    3. I hope Ryan Watts has a very good year and it leads to him turning pro early and getting drafted.
    4. As good as Watts is, if he does not build on the good 2022 season he had and he decides to return to Texas in 2024, I am not sure he will remain the starting Boundary Corner.
    5. I think by the time the Longhorns enter the SEC, Malik Muhammad will be the starting Field Corner and Terrance Brooks will be the starting Boundary Corner.
    6. If Ethan Burke can have the Sophomore season in 2023 that Barryn Sorrell had as a Sophomore in 2022, Texas might have a top 10 defense in the nation this season. If Burke can consistently set the edge on the weakside and get 5 to 6 sacks like Sorrell did last season, it will lead to Sorrell potentially doubling his sack total from the 5.5 he got last year as a Sophomore to at least 10 this season.
    7. That level of production not only pressuring Quarterbacks, but actually sacking Quarterbacks will undoubtedly help the Texas Secondary to pressure Outside Receivers more, which will help to prevent so many short quick throws that absolutely killed the Texas Defense last season.
    8. If Devon Campbell can completely take over the Right Guard position at 6'3, 340 next to Christian Jones, perhaps the second or third best Tackle in the Big 12, I think Jonathon Brooks could rush for 1,000 yards getting most of those yards running behind the right side of the Offensive Line.
    "Hook Em"

  8. the streak of "thousand yard rushers" is in danger before each season starts…I'll agree to disagree with you guys…I bet he rushes well over 1000 yards…once he breaks the LOS he's gone…he's going to have multiple TD runs in excess of 30 yards

  9. Secondary is as deep as I've seen in a decade, I have zero worries there. As far as rbs I've seen what Brooks can do with the ball in hand. Don't think adding an additional 8-10 touches will change that. Baxter has to show me on the field,I'll hold judgment until then. I also believe he's still slight in build to handle more than 8-10 touches a game regardless of what he's listed at. Next year at this time will be different story. Also think Blue might have something to say this fall as well.. Hookem

  10. I have to come clean. Last year I had to suddenly change a major password immediately. In 1/10 of a second, I came up with Horns23 because I thought they would be better in 23. So, I jinxed them. No Dr Peppers for 5 Saturdays… Hopefully we get the plus side of that jinx this year.

  11. What do y'all think the 7v7 work being done right now is all about, just having fun? The "creative" stuff won't be revealed until week two. PK, Chryst, Joesph, Gideon AND Jackson have all probably tossed some coals on the fire.

  12. Ryan Watts isn't moving to safety no matter how badly media members want it. Have to remember that Watts locked down a corner slot immediately when he arrived last spring and was very solid last year. Fans need to take guys who give solid reliable play more for granted!