Parches Y Option Files

This option file only works with Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 with One Two Patch V3. Set up the convocations of Brazil Enter the MyClub legends in the two classic teams, with a procedure to avoid other legends among the freedoms in the Master League. Added faces done via internal editor Added HD uniforms for all Premier League teams, with coach names, rivalries, banners and detailed stadium settings. Renamed the coaches of Serie A. Added logos and real names to all the Premier League teams, Sky Bet Championship, Liga Santander and Juventus. Full Competition logos & real names Premier League EFL Championships LaLiga Santander LaLiga SmartBank Serie A Bundesliga Added Copa Libertadores Updated National Teams Added MyClub Legends by Junior Mantis by Rvgrapha Matilha. Team names, emblems, strips, managers, game plans, stadiums, rival clubs for Premier League, EFL Championship, Serie A, La Liga, La Liga 2, and Bundesliga Competition names & emblems by PES Universe Team.

Compatible with latest TU & Datapacks Corrected names for all competition & clubs. FA Cup kits for all English Teams and Community Shield kits (added in 3.0) An alternate only Konami licensed Version which should bascially be possible to use with every patch or no patch and only includes original licensed teams (IF the patch hasn’t messed around with the Konami teams) Manual Selection of selected CompKits including Overlay Previews especially for Exhibition (added in 3.0) Automatic selection of league-mode CompKits in exhibition mode if both teams belong to the same league (if you want to add league specific kits – not included) – Common Library 1.1 required (added in 3.0) I strongly recommend to use this with the PTE Patch, camiseta bayern 2023 the Addon is dedicated to this Patch. Added realistic stadium settings updated to current season for all stadiums of all world championships. Added realistic exultations to hundreds of players.

Inserted third uniform in HD at Chelsea Assigned royal boots to most Serie A teams Added hundreds of faces done via internal editor, especially for Serie A. (List inside the downloadable folder) Create 4 new legends among the classics (Totti, Julio Cesar, Veron and Cambiasso) Added HD uniforms for all 24 Sky Bet Championship teams . Added new legends among the classics (Baresi, Totti, Dida, Park, Nakata, etc.). Licensed Referee Kits for all Leagues and Competitions Licensed Scoreboards for every League and Competitions Licensed All Trophies Entrances remade with new animations and team anthems English Commentary Improved Added Chants/Cheers and Goal Songs for the majority of the teams New Menu/Backgrounds and ML Graphics 24,000 added Players Minifaces 1,000 added Coach Minifaces .. Created Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund , with players, HD kits and detailed settings. Added 43 HD uniforms and detailed settings to: Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Valencia, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Euro Classics, World Classics. That’s right, the module only includes the teams who are featured in the UCL in real life. Yes that’s actually how they are using it in real life. Create Ludogorets, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Star and Viktoria Plzen among other European, with kits, detailed settings and real players.